Letter from Ezra J. Evans to MLK


Mrs. Evans writes to Dr. King, suggesting to the expansion of educational conferences on the Vietnam War for the purpose of peace keeping and service.

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Letter from Ezra J. Evans to MLK
Wednesday, January 31, 1968
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Rev[erend] Martin Luther King, Jr. 475 Riverside Drive New York City, N. Y. [New York] Dear Rev[erend] King: The enclosed letter to President Brewster of Yale in support of "peace candidates" suggests for students concerned about Vietnam a step beyond demonstrations and draft resistance, hopefully a more constructive step. Does not the [Underlined: Vietnam Summer method] of door to door and small area [Inserted Above Text: educational] conferences need to be greatly expanded? Might not students in the Divinity Colleges enter into this valuable experience and service immediately on a people to people basis in live of much of their classroom work? With gratitude for all the leadership which you are providing for our nation and the world. Sincerely yours, [Closing Signature: Lauretta J. Evans (Mrs. Egra)] No reply expected
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