Letter from a Fellow American to MLK



This anonymous author expresses his concern regarding SNCC; explaining that the organization and its leaders have a communist backing. The author closes the letter with references to jobs, education, and a list of several small countries in need of assistance.

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Letter from a Fellow American to MLK
Thursday, December 14, 1967
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[Page 1] [Stamp in Red Ink: DEC[ember] 18 1967] 12/14/67 Doctor Martin Luther King Southern Christian Leadership Conference Atlanta, Georgia Dear Doctor King: According to today's paper's one of the key appointments you made was the Rev[erend] Barnard Lafayette one of the founders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee the same organization that issued Anti Semetic [Semitic] Hate literature. This same organization is said to be communist backed. I am very much disturbed over [Page 2] What you said you were going to plan for this summer through the nation. I believe [Underlined: everyone] in this country should have a good job and education regardless of color. All the poor both color and white must be helped. But I also believe that we are not only fighting for South Vietnam in Asia but also for the survival of Thailand, Laos, Columbia, Burma, and other small countries in that area. We should pass the 10% income tax surcharge and use that money to rebuild our cities and help the poor. [Closing Signature: A Fellow American]
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