Letter from Finley Drewery to NAACP



Finley Drewery writes to the NAACP seeking aid for his upcoming criminal trial. He asserts that the state has no hard evidence against him and that his court appointed attorney is trying to make him pay $3,000 to mount a defense in court.

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Letter from Finley Drewery to NAACP
Saturday, June 17, 1967
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[Page 1] [Inserted in Margin: Help] [Stamp in Red Ink: JUL[y] 17 1967] Finley Drewery 6/17/67 Dear Sir: This letter is being forward to you an[d] the representative of the organization of the N. A. A. C. P. with my sincere hope of your consideration. I realize that you are busy people but under the circumstance I am compel to forward this letter to you with the best of my knowledge. My constitutional rights have been violate[d] in some respect. An[d] I am being rail road into the Chan Gang Because I am not able to obtain a lawyer to represent me. The court has appointed me a lawyer but he is not representing me to his fullness. He know that I am being framed. He told me that he would get me out, if I could get him up a fee. Otherwise he couldn't do anything for me. I don't have any money at all, that's why the court appointed him to defend me, yet he still charge me a fee which I dont have. My case is based on personal feeling[s] an[d] not evidence, I being in jail since April 3, 67. Under extremely high bond which is $3000. [Page 2] My case came up on the 26th day of June but the court didn't take it to trial. Because they didn't have no evidence only personal feeling. So my case was postponed until the next session of court which is October 67. See they are holding me in jail trying to get something on me. I know that I am being taken advantage of but it's not anything I can do to prevent it except to write to you all for aid. I am faceing [facing] twenty years for a crime that I have no knowledge of what soever. Any consideration shown this letter will be deeply appreciated, I remain Respectfully yours, [Closing Signature: Finley Drewery] Spalding County Jail P. S. if they find out that I have contact you all I will be in trouble them, this letter have being forward in confidence. No Negro get's justice in this county if he is poor like me an [and] my family are. Thanks again.
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