Letter from Floyd Henderson to MLK


Floyd B. Henderson informs Dr. King that he supports African Americans as a whole. He proceeds to ask him to help elect Richard Nixon for President.

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Letter from Floyd Henderson to MLK
Saturday, February 3, 1968
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Received Feb[ruary] 8, 1968 [Stamp in blue ink] 5025 4th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. 33710 Feb[ruary] 3, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Dear Sir- I am writing to you as a white friend. I live in Pennsylvania summers, in Florida winters. I have been watching your work for a long time. Some of it I like and some I don't like. Now what I can't understand is why so many of the colored people are Democrats. President Johnson and other Democrats have never done much for your people. You know it was a Republican who freed the slaves. I am a friend of the black people. I think they have just as good a right here as any of us. I want you to help elect Mr. Nixon for President. If we [Underlined: all] don't get together and help him we will have LBJ [Lyndon Baines Johnson] back again as President and all he has done for your folks are promises. [MS: illegible]. Please try to stop violence of any kind. That's not doing any good. And help elect Mr. Nixon [MS: illegible] leadership which we need. This is sent to you with Christian concern for our country and its people. Very Truly [Closing Signature: Floyd B. Henderson]
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