Letter from Fr. John McNamara to MLK


Fr. McNamara, Catholic Chaplain at the Louisiana State Prison at Angola, writes Dr. King to extend congratulations on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Letter from Fr. John McNamara to MLK
Monday, July 26, 1965
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[Inserted text on upper middle margin: Form [encircled] #17] [Inserted text on middle margin: Fo.] [Stamp in blue ink: Jul[y] 27, 1965] [Insert text on lower right margin in red ink: kind St. Anne 26, July 1965 Dear Dr [Doctor] King: I congratulate you upon being the most deserving of The Nobel Prize winner. Your heroism is an inspiration to me. I honestly mean that: (Montgomery, St Augustine, Selma your battle stars) May St [saint] Martin De Porres (Canonized May 1962 by the late & great Pope John [Insert roman numeral:23] assist you and intercede for you with our Lord and his blessed mother] Ex imo corde, Father John Mc Namara Catholic Chaplain, LSP P.O [Post office] Box 92 Angola, La [Louisiana]
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