Letter from Fran to Dr. & Mrs. King



Fran writes Dr. and Mrs. King to thank them for their hospitality during her stay at their home.

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Letter from Fran to Dr. & Mrs. King
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[Page 1] Monday morning Dear Coretta + Martin- Just a note to say thanks a million for everything. That lunch you packed for us was really super- duper and helped us on our way. You shouldn't have- but it was real yummy! [Page 2] We got into Berkeley about 10:30 AM Saturday. [Cecil?] went to a wedding in the afternoon, but I slept. We stopped one day- Thursday, I guess, and slept from about 10 to 3, only it wasn't air-conditioned and was too hot to sleep well. But we survived, [Page 3] and Mel was a real [Sportan?], he got along with practically no sleep. It was sure wonderful to have more time to talk with you than we had in San Francisco. Only wish it could have been less hectic- and less [Underlined: hot]! Hope our visit hasn't (and won't) result in any unpleasantness for you or Mrs. Sterns. (Don't think I spelled that right). [Page 4] I told Ms. Cunningham at meeting Sun[day] morn[ing] that you sent special greetings and thanks for her timely help. Her address is Mr. Clarence Cunningham, 2422 Channing Way, Berkeley, but actually [Crossed Out: no] you don't need to write her. She was glad to be able to do it. I am trying to move ahead on my record, and to get dirty clothes washed + ironed in preparation for our trip to Ohio and Indiana. [Page 5] We will leave [Inserted Above Text: Aug[ust]] 13th or 14th and return the day after Labor Day (or day before). Dad wrote he was thinking of selling the house, so I'm glad we are able to visit him. It was good to see Edythe and Obie and Arthur + your mother. Sorry we missed your Dad. Wish we could have had longer to talk, eat, [Page 6] and SING! But so it goes. Well, thanks again for your wonderful hospitality to our entire group, and Cecil and I especially appreciate the times we shared with you both. Hello to [Bob?] and Eleanor, and Betty and a big hug for Yoki. As soon as possible, I'll start working on [Page 7] the concert possibility. Don't know what will materialize, but it won't hurt to try. I'm sure you won't miss [Crossed: M] Martin's speech + Grove Hall's article in US News Report. Latest issue. Had I known this would go on so long, I would have typed it. Sorry for the lengthy scribbling. [Page 8] Hope our lengthy visitation didn't wear you out, and thanks again for the breakfast, picnic, lunch at the park, watermelon feed, lunch for the journey, and all the other things you did for us. Will start investigating the Foundation grant possibility tomorrow. Something might work out, and it doesn't hurt to try. START VOCALIZING! Love, [Closing Signature: Fran]
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