Letter from Gail Lamb to MLK


Gail Lamb requests information from Dr. King for her research on prejudice, especially on "manifestations, kinds, and objects of prejudice."

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Letter from Gail Lamb to MLK
Monday, April 1, 1968
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April 1,1968 [Stamp in blue ink: 1968] Dear Mr. King, We are conducting a seminar on prejudice and its nature in our sociolog-ical class at the middle of this month. Any information that you feel might be of aid in the following areas concern-ing the race situation of the US would be valuable: 1. Manifestations of prejudice 2. Kinds of prejudice attitudes 3. Objects of prejudice 4. Negotiation, Public Exposure, Boycott, Nonviolent Resistance (Direct Action Avenues of Reactions) Thank you. Cordially, [Closing Signature: Gail Lamb]
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