Letter from Genevieve Fay to MLK


This letter from Mrs. Fay gives her appreciation to Dr. King for his efforts. She expresses her deep concern for the motives of the political figures in Washington, D.C., and the importance of Dr. King's presence to counter the imbalance.

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Letter from Genevieve Fay to MLK
Tuesday, April 18, 1967
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Peoria Ill[inois] April 18,1967 [Stamp in red ink: Apr[il] 21 1967] Doctor King, I would like to convey to you my deep appreciation for what you are doing for all the people on this poor miserable country. The people of the United States sorely need some one to look up to. When I observe those cruel, heartless leaders in Washington, DC. I almost despair! It seems that they intend to save the people of Vietnam if they have to kill everyone of them. Doctor King, please for all of us, keep on with your good work. We, the people, need you. Thank you again for all of you have done. With Heartfelt respect, Mrs. Genevieve Fay 623 E[East] Frye Ave[avenue] Peoria, Ill[Illinois]
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