Letter from George D. Kelsey to MLK


Dr. and Mrs. Kelsey applaud Dr. King on his nomination and receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize. Kelsey was Professor of Christian Ethics at Drew University.

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Letter from George D. Kelsey to MLK
Saturday, October 31, 1964
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October 31, 1964 Dr. M[artin] L[uther] King, Jr Atlanta,Georgia [Stamp in red ink: Received Nov[ember] 4, 1964] [Inserted text in right margin: Congrats] Dear M[artin] L[uther], Congratulations on the Nobel Peace Prize! My wife and I are profoundly pleased and moved by your receipt [received] of this prize. Once we heard of your nomination in the Swedish parliament last summer, we felt certain that you would be the final name in [the] nomination. But when the choice acutally came, it was with the freshness of an entirely new an-nouncement. Many people at Drew have spoken to me about your honor with great pleasure. They all remember your visit here last year as one of the great occasions in the history of the school. Please extend our greetings to your wife and parents. May God's blessings always be with you. Sincerely yours, [Closing Signature: George D. Kelsey]
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