Letter from Gerold Newmark to MLK


In this letter, Mr. Newmark requests a copy of the speech Dr. King delivered in New York City on Vietnam.

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Letter from Gerold Newmark to MLK
Monday, April 10, 1967
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[Stamp in red ink: Received Apr[il] 19, 1967] [Inserted text in right margin: 6155 Topeka Dr[ive] Reseda, Calif[ornia] April 10, 1867] Dr. Martin Luther King SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] 366 West 47th st[reet] Chicago, Illinois [Inserted text: Dora] Dear Dr. King: I would greatly appreciate receiving a copy of the text of your speech on Vietnam delivered in New York city at a church on [Circled: Riverside Drive on April 4, 1967.] Congratulations on your courageous fight against the war in Vietnam and on behalf of justice in the U.S.A. [United States of America] Sincerely, Gerald Newwork
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