Letter from Harry C. Meserve to Dr. King


Mr. Meserve of the Michigan Human Relation Council thanks Dr. King for his address to the organization. Additionally he apologizes for the disturbance of the "Nazis" during his visit.

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Letter from Harry C. Meserve to Dr. King
Tuesday, March 19, 1968
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[Stamp in blue ink received: Mar[ch] 21 1968] [Inserted text: Kind] 3/19/68 Dear Dr[Doctor] King- I want to send you a personal word of thanks and appreciation for your appearance here on March 14[th]. I regret the disturbance caused by our local nazi's, but I am sure you felt, as I did, the warm support and enthusiasm from the crowd generally. Our Human Relations Council members feel that the meeting was a great success and that it accomplished something in the way of building understanding of the problems we all face together today. With warm good wishes to you- Harry C. Meserve
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