Letter from Helen E. Saum to MLK



Ms. Saum applauds the positive attitude and accomplishments of organizations like the National Urban League, which she contrasts with the marches and riots that she feels hinder goodwill and cooperation.

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Letter from Helen E. Saum to MLK
Tuesday, February 27, 1968
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[Stamped in black ink: RECEIVED MAR [CH] 2 1968 [MS: Illegible]] [Stamped in blue ink: MAR [CH] 5 1968 Underneath: Atlanta] [Top right hand margin: February 27, 1968] Dr. [Doctor] Martin Luther King Washington D.C. [District of Columbia] Dear Sir: I'm sure the positive attitude gets one farther than the attitude of revenge and hate. I'm so glad to see the Urban League on the positive side. Whitney Young has gotten 4,000 jobs and is working with business [businesses] to increase the number. Dr. [Doctor] Matthews in Queens has [have] set up Interfaith Hospital, sold bonds to get money to start a needed bus route for his race. Set up two or 3 businesses to provide jobs and help Negro people into businesses of their own. Columbia has a staff set up to improve all aspects of Harlem with the help of Corporations. There are constructive [Page 2] efforts. The marches and riots do nothing but kill good-will and co-operations. You just turn people against you and kill good relations. Very sorry to hear you are working with the radicals who are looking for more hate and power to make more hate and power to make more bad feelings when more and more people are wanting and working to solve the race troubles which is an enormous project for all. You must certainly see the strong efforts being made for a better future. Even the war is 3rd[third] in line while poverty and economy hold first places. Very truly, (Mrs) Helen E. Saum 163-03-89th Ave. [Avenue] Jamaica N.Y. [New York] 11432 Apr [il] 31
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