Letter from Helen Marrow to MLK



Mrs. Marrow thanks Dr. King for his leadership and position on the Vietnam War. She also encloses a special composition dedicated to Dr. King for his commitment to peace.

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Letter from Helen Marrow to MLK
Thursday, April 6, 1967
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Stamped in red: JUL[Y] 5 1967 In the top left hand margin: Apr[l] 6, 1967 In the top right hand corner : 4736 Hawthorne St[reet] Phila [Philadelphia] , 24 PA[ Pennsylvania] N.E.B.C. Rev[erend] W. H. Anderson Pastor Dear Rev[erend] Dr[Doctor] King Just a line of encouragement. After reading your column in Wednesday Inquirer. I was alone in my room. I layed [laid] the paper aside clapped my hands and looked up to God in prayer for you and your family. I do not have words in my vocabulary to express my intersse[ interest] comments you spoke concerning U.S. War on Vietnam how our Negro boys are fighting side by side with the whites but are discriminated in School and Housing situation. Thank you Dr.[Doctor] King [Page 2] (1 May I [ underlined: dedicate] to [ underlined: you this song] Savior more than life to me I am clinging , clinging close to thee; Leh [let] thy precious blood applied to keep me Ever, ever near thy side. 12) Thru, this changing world below Lead me gently , gently as I go Trusting him I can not stray I can Never, never lose my way. Every day every hour let me feel thy cleansing power; may thy tender love to me find me closer closer Lord to thee. Sincerely, Mrs. Helen Marrow [Page 3] Please excuse my delay in sending this letter I was waiting to get your address I wanted you to get this original as the spirit was directing me.
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