Letter from Hubert Reaves to Ralph Abernathy


Rev. Ralph Abernathy was the recipient of this letter from a prison inmate. The author also makes a request for an SCLC membership form and a picture of Dr. King, as a keepsake.

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Letter from Hubert Reaves to Ralph Abernathy
Thursday, May 2, 1968
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Stamp in blue ink: received May 3 1968] [Inserted text in box in top left margin: Rev[erend], Ralph Abernathy S.C.L.C. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] Atlanta GA] [Inserted text in box in top right margin: Hubert Reaves [Crossed Out: Institution] Jackson 119083 5-2-68] Dear Rev[erend] Abernathy: I hope this letter fine?s [find?s] you up and well, and in the best of health. I am doing well and up and by the grace of God in the best of hea-lth. Rev[erend] Abernathy about a month before Dr. King was killed, I wrote to him about becoming a member of S.C.L.C. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] But I didn?t no [know] if he had receive[d] the letter or not. I am studying to become a Baptist Minister and I would like very much to become a member of S.C.L.C. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] Will you please send me [Crossed out: an] a membership blank and information on S.C.L.C. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] I would like it very much. I have always been [Crossed out: at] an admire[r] of Dr. King?s. And if you happen to have one of his picture?s [pictures] will you please send me one. I hank[thank] you very much and I?ll be looking to hear from you soon about this. May God bless you. Very Truly Yours Hubert Reaves Hubert Reaves-119083 4000-Cooper, Street Jackson, Michigan 49201 That?s 4000-Cooper, St, Jackson,Mich[igan]
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