Letter from J. Depre to MLK


The author addresses his concern to Dr. King regarding indications of an invasion of China by the US Military.

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Letter from J. Depre to MLK
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March 20, 1968 Dear Rev. King You are one of the great men of all time. We?ve been distressed by indications that the U.S. military are planning an invasion of China. They are bldg. [building] hospitals and airports in Japan to handle the slaughtered after the invasions. That?s what Dean Rusk (who is insane) is really committed to. Also at Oakland Dep[artmen]t of Death and Registry 1,000 ? 1,100 bodies come in per week but we are told 500 die. Please keep up your work. My heart aches for my Vietnamese brothers North and South who are being destroyed by our megalomaniac president Johnson. He must be stopped ? already they are using nuclear weapons in the tunnels at Khe Sanh. Sincerely J DePre
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