Letter from J. M. Koelbe to Dr. King



Mr. Koelbe writes Dr. King about his financial distress. He also tells Dr. King that he admires him for his courage and gives him encouragement for the future.

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Letter from J. M. Koelbe to Dr. King
Friday, August 12, 1966
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Cold Spring Min [Minnesota] 8-12-66 Dear Rev King I'm white 75 yrs [years] old with a High School education born here in Minnesota in 1891, went to Montana in 1908 worked for ranchers and gradually worked into the stock business got married in 1919 paid off what I owed on my cattle [and] horses and by 1928 I was pretty well fixed. I bought more land put up more improvements by 1931 I had to sell my cattle at ruinous low prices as we had a bad [Crossed out: drought] drauth no grass or hay. I wound up in [Page 2] Minn [Minnesota] working for wages (40 cents an hr) y that time I was 45 yrs [years] old x 6 children. The 2 oldest in the 8th grade. I saved what money I could [Crossed out: or] Id still be working if it wasn't for social see, I admire you for your courage [and] wisdom. I know it's going to be a long hard row to hoe. But you'll win in the end. You have my sympathy and as much help financially as I am able to give and may God bless you and your work. Sincerely [Closing Signature: J.M. Koeble]
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