Letter from Joan Daves to MLK



Joan Daves writes Dr. King to express her concern about Miss Hoover contacting Dr. King instead of herself regarding his upcoming book.

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Letter from Joan Daves to MLK
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Dr. [Doctor] King Dear Martin- Enclosed copy of my letter to Miss Hoover. I hope she will understand that I don't want to have string her freedom of activity but that we [underlined: cannot] change the way of hardship those matters without hurting the book. The trade field is highly [Page 2] Specialized, - I must make sure one thing does not conflict with the other, - and I must, as your agent remain your spokesman in matters relating to the publicity, promotion, [underlined: advertising] of the book. I'm trying to get a big advertising money appropriation and Miss Hoover's apparent by passing are weakness my position (just one example...) Please explain this to her, If my letter does not do this sufficiently. Regards, [Handwritten signature: Joan]
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