Letter from Joan Daves to MLK



Joan Daves, Literary Agent to Dr. King, addresses the correspondence, to Dr. King. The letter includes photostats of reviews for Dr. King's last book, "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" The Chicago Tribune, New York Times Daily and Washington Star are just a couple of the newspapers that published reviews for the book.

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Letter from Joan Daves to MLK
Monday, July 31, 1967
Chicago Tribune, Saturday Review, Washington Star, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times Daily
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[Page 1] [Stamped in red ink: AUG[ust] 1 1967] [Closing Signature:Joan (p[age]. 66) [Page 2] [Inserted Text in top right margin: Ph FILE] [Inserted Text in bottom right hand margin:7/20/67 Stanley Dension] [Page 5] [Handwritten Text in upper right hand corner: 7/21/67 Dr.[Doctor] King Jr[Junior] [Inserted Text in upper right hand margin:Washington Star] [Underlined:an incisive analysis of the seeds of Black Power and how it grew.] [Page 7] [Handwritten text in top right NY[New York] Times: June 22, 1967: 1x] [Page 8] [Handwritten text at top:Underlined: NY[New York] Times: July 11, 1967: 1x] [Page 9] [Inserted Text in Top right margin: [1?/20/67 Dr[DOCTOR] King Jr[JUNIOR] [Underlined: Speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King in conversation with this reviewer, Stokley Carmichael once said: "Martin is a good man with a capital G." This book is a further affirmation of that fact. [Underlined: Some say that the white backlash produced the slogan"Black Power!" Some say it was the other way around. But whichever it was, Dr. King examines both dispassionately and penetratingly.]
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