Letter from John Saunders to MLK



A supporter from D.C. writes Dr. King to ask if he can work for him in the "coming campaign".

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Letter from John Saunders to MLK
Sunday, February 11, 1968
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[Stamped in blue ink: FEB[ruary]] John A. Saunders Jr. St. Elizabeth's Hospital Washington, D.C. Dr. Martin Luther King Vermont Ave. Baptist Church Washington, D.C. Feb. 11, 1968 Dear Dr. King; My name is John A. Saunders Jr., and I am a former student of Howard University. I attended Howard for 3 1/2 years, with a major in political science, and a minor in psychology. I have long been an admirer of yours, and I have worked in the Civil Rights movement. In 1961 I planned a Civil Rights organization, but was unable to get backing for it. I worked for the Northern Student Movement and the Harlem Action Group in New York City. I also participated in the March on Washington. At the time of this writing I am a patient at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, here in Washington. I will, however be out in April. In fact I should have my release around the end of March. I am single, have no ties except my parents, who [illegible] [here?] in Philadelphia and Milwaukee, and I would like to work for you in the coming campaign. Please let me know who to contact, and I will be waiting for your answer on pins and needles. I pray to God that you will accept me. Yours Truly, John A. Saunders Jr.
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