Letter from Juanita to MLK



Juanita offers praise and gratitude to Dr. King for his assistance regarding some imprisoned associates. Juanita also offers her prayers to Dr. King.

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Letter from Juanita to MLK
Thursday, June 1, 1967
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[Page 1] 634 East 50th Pl[ace] Chicago 60615, Ill[inois] June 1, 1967 [Stamp in red ink: Received Jun[e] 2, 1967] Dear Dr. King, When I say that you are wonder-ful, that does not begin to state what me, and many other people think of you. I always did think that and know that you were one of God's chosen, but after reading the letter for the inmates of the County jail, I re-affirm my faith in you. I had just returned from court and felt a bit let down. One of the fellows, who [Crossed out: MS: illegible] had been writing to me, was to appear. After hearing bits of the case and seeing the prosecuting wit-ness testify he was robbed and beaten, I began to ask myself, what had I gotten into trying to help and see justice done. I asked myself what kind of justice did I want nevertheless I heard a voice within me say, " I have come not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance and that [Page 2] all souls are mine.["?] I was assured within myself that my work was very valuable to God for the redemption and re-awakening of these boys souls and hearts. The lawyer-Mr. Robinson 7107 So. Barkway, had also called to say, that the work being sent to him by me, was more than he could handle. So God stepped in again to say, that he would send the help we needed. Thru [Through] your sincere efforts to help us a Mr. Ed McClellan executive Sec[retary] NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] - 431 So. Dearborn, paid a visit to the boys and assured them that the Goon Squad would take no more action against them. I do sincerely thank God for you and your help. I also thank you very much. Here's a big kiss XXX (smile). Now don't sent the goon squad after me. Remember I am on your side (smile) If God did not re-assure me, from time to time that I wasn't getting ready for [MS:illegible], I'd go and sign, [Inserted text: above 'myself': own] myself in (smile). But I keep getting the assurance that he is going to work in the three [Page 3] three prisoners. Pray for me Dr. King and I will continue to pray God bless and lead you [Crossed out: as me] The boys tell me, they too are praying for you and the continued success, of the Civil Rights movement. I believe that God will hear their prayers, because of the fact that he heard mine, when I too was an unbeliever in the path. I didn't do too much wrong, but my mother used to say to me, "juanita you do just enough sin to go to hell (smile)" She didn't know it but I was on my way to hell, but I was keeping Heaven in my view (smile) I won't take up any more of your time, and will try to solve further problems of the inmates myself. So smile Dr King and Thanks a million. Enclosed is the letter I thought you'd enjoy reading. I didn't know that I had but, brother, but Iv'e [Page 4] found, my mother had a whole lots of [Inserted text: above 'of sons': stray] sons [Inserted text: above 'because': (smiles)] because they are all in jail and begin their letters by saying, I am your brother. I claim you as a brother of the faith, so I'll sign off as Your Devoted Sister PS [Post Script] Please leave this letter at C. CCO [Cook Country Correctional Office?] or return it to me I'd like to keep them. In case I go to jail, I'll have something to read (smile)
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