Letter from Julia Keller to MLK



Julia Keller, a student at Geneva Kent Elementary School, requests that Dr. King change the date of a scheduled demonstration that conflicts with her class trip to Washington, D.C.

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Letter from Julia Keller to MLK
Thursday, January 26, 1967
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Jan[uary] 26, 1967 [Stamp in Blue Ink: Received JAN[uary] 29 1968] Dear Mr. King, I am a student at Geneva Kent Elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia. We planned a trip to Washington this spring, but we must call it off because you said you would hold a demonstration on that week. Please change the date, because we would like to go. If you would, the students in my sixth grade class would be grateful to you. We all are in favor of the Civil Rights, and will gladly say so. Please change the date, for the can't. The train company will call off the trip unless you call off the demenstration [demonstration]. Thank you very much, [Closing Signature: Julia Keller]
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