Letter from Kerry Clayton to MLK 11/20/66


Kerry Clayton informs Dr. King that she was asked to do a third grade report about his life. She also requested for Dr. King to send a picture to include in the report. Kerry Clayton was a resident of China Lake, California.

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Letter from Kerry Clayton to MLK 11/20/66
Sunday, November 20, 1966
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[Stamped in red ink: Dec[ember] 1 1966] [Inserted Text in Top left margin:info[rmation][Inserted Text at Bottom of page in red ink: OK 12-2] [Inserted Text in Top right line: Nov[ember] 20, 1966] Dear Reverend King: My name is Kerry Clayton[.] I am 8 years old. I am in the third grade. My teacher asked me to do a report about you and your life. Would you send me a picture of you? 33B Vieweg Cir[cle] China Lake California 93555 Thank you [Closing Signature: Kerry Clayton]
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