Letter from Kerstin Lindblom to the SCLC



A Student from Sweden offers to come to America to work for the SCLC. Her letter describes all the ways she wishes to help.

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Letter from Kerstin Lindblom to the SCLC
Thursday, September 8, 1966
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[Page 1] [Kilafors?], September 8, 1966 First of all I must tell you how very glad I was when I received your letter. I am very sorry that I have not been able to answer it until now. That depends on the fact that I have been abroad for one month and I didn't return to Sweden before the first of September. You asked me in your letter what tasks I would like to perform for S[outhern] C[hristian] L[eadership] C[onference]. Of course, I would like teaching very much but I don't know if I have the right qualifications for much an important task! I have no experience of teaching (as I wrote in my [Illegible] letter I have until now only been going to school all my life) but I have been a scout-leader for a few years. If I would teach I think what it would [Illegible] me best [Illegebile] the children who aren't too small because I am not very good at [Illegible] and I am [Page 2] a bad singer. I also send you in my letter a copy of my marks of the matriculation examination. I hope that will help you to see in what way I could be useful to you. If I get a work in the Administration it would also be all right with me but I must say that I am not very good at typing. I have learnt it for about 50 [hours?]. [B]but that's 4 or 5 years ago so I am now not very fast at that [Illegible] work. I know it must be difficult for you to know what kind of work I am most suitable for but for my part I will try to do my best whatever my work will be, and perhaps it is also possible to try different kinds of work. About my paying the journey I can say that I have some money saved but it isn't much and the preparations, for example vaccination, will cost money so I will not have enough money for the transportation to the U[nited] S[tates] A[merica]. If it would suit you better and [Page 3] 2) perhaps that's also the best from other points of view, I know I can borrow some money from my parents and by that way save you the trouble of sending money and so on. I think it will be the simplest way of handling the problem. About the time I will be able to work for you I can only say that I think i'll be able to leave Sweden at the end of October or the beginning of September. I hope to be able to stay for about 5 or 6 months perhaps longer but I think I will have to start my studies so that makes also a time-limit. Please excuse my English. I have tried to explain my [possibilities?] as well as I could and I hope it will be a help to you, although the language is a difficulty. Awaiting for your answer I send you my kindest regards Sincerely, [Closing Signature:Kerstin Lindblom] [Part 4] My address Kerstin Lindblom Box 2322 Kilafors Sweden
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