Letter from the KKK Kids to MLK



An anonymous member of The K.K.K. Kids writes Dr. King expressing that he or she believes Dr. King to be "a very ignorant person."

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Letter from the KKK Kids to MLK
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[Inserted in top margin: [Stamped: AUG[ust] 23 1967] [Page 1} Dear Mr. King, I think you are a very ignorant person. You always say, "We negros are a poor people" and trash like that. Well you negros wouldn't be a 'poor people" if you get up off your cans and work like a decent American citizen. Every colored person in the U.S.A. isn't a poor person, think about "yourself, Pearl Baily, the late Nat King Cole, Sidney Poiter, and many many others. If you negros would only [Page 2] stop and think about the American Indian. Talk about slums! They make your slums look like plantations. They were pushed off this continent by white people I'll admit, but if we hadn't shiped[shipped] you stupid colored people from Africa you'd still be living like Savages. You are always yelling your "famous" slogan "Police Brutality" well, if you start [Underlined: any] trouble in the [Underlined: South] the police will really show you the meaning of [crossed out: police brutality. this] these words. Also I think that you are a [crossed out:stinkin] Commie. You and your little friends such as Stokely Carmichel, and Rap Brown would quit startin roits [ riots] and try to organize your thinking. [Page 3] In our city we have a [Inserted above: small ] group called [Underllined: "K.K.K Kids"] (no connection to the [Underlined: great " Klu Klux Klan.") [crossed out: illegible] only about 400 to 500 people [Inserted above: still growing] from the ages of 11-18 ready to ship you al back to Africa (except Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor, at least they do something non negro) if I was you (happily I'm not) I'd want to go to Africa where my ancestors are. If we were to send you stupid people back to Africa you wouldn't survive two days, so be thankful for what you have and shut your big trap. [Closing Signature: [Underlined: The K[razy]. K[oon]. K[iller[crossed out:s]. Kids. [Crossed out: P.S.] P.S. The South Shall Rise AGAIN! "Slaves Beware!"
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