Letter from Lessie Robinson to MLK Regarding Segregation


Mrs. Robinson informs Dr. King of the difficulty in finding a good job in segregated Graceville, FL.

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Letter from Lessie Robinson to MLK Regarding Segregation
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P.O. Box 304 Graceville, Fla (Florida) January 1965 [Stamp in blue ink received: Jan[uary]12 1968] [Stamp in blue inl received: Jan[uary] 12 1968] Dear Mr. King! I am a 26 yrs[years] old housewife with a husband and two children. I am a citizen off[of?] Jackson County Florida. We have a small home located in Graceville, Florida. We have lived here for almost 4 yrs[years]. I graduated from high school my husband had to stop in 9[th] grade to work. but, he is awful bright and have a good head. I guess I have always been to bright. I have always observed my surronding[surrounding] and things among our races. and to this day I still do. Our little home town is completely sergreated [segregated] and the most discriminated place I know. You cant find a good or decent job unless you are willing to house keep for $15.00 a week. We dont have a swimming pool only the white and colored isnt allowed. If you go to a restaurant you have to eat [Crossed out text: Eat] out off[of] the back door or a small back room with four walls. The colored people flops here to trade, although we dont have a colored clerk in a store down town orang place else. We have dirt street, our men have to work for $50 or $60 dollars a week at the hard labor jobs. With no vacation or paid holidays. We signed up for a new factory before Xmas[Christmas}. We were told it would open the first off [of] Jan[uary] it did, for the white. They had two weeks application for the white and one day for the colored. So Mr. King you can see what I mean. Our people here is sleep or something. I have great respect and value your opinion ery much. So please give us your assistance or your opinion on what to do or who to go to for help. Please let me hear from you soon. (Thank you, Mrs. Lessie Robinson and others)
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