Letter from Linda Witt to MLK



Linda Witt, who is conducting research for a school project, asks Dr. King questions about his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

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Letter from Linda Witt to MLK
Thursday, November 30, 1967
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[Written text in left margin: info] [Stamped in red ink: DEC[ember] 4 1967] [Text in top righthand margin: 30 November 1967] Dear Mr. King, As a school project I have been assigned to re-port on the current Civil Rights problems and conditions. I understand that you are planning the biggest peace march in history. I would like to know what you hope to accomplish by this feat. Also, what do you feel is still lacking in [illegible] of equal rights for all men. One last question, what attracted your interest to this field, and how long have you been doing work such as this? I would appreciate a reply to the following address, as soon as possible: Miss Linda Witt 163 Waianae Cir. APO San Francisco, 9[illegible]553 I am confident that you will answer if it is at all possible for you. Sincerely, Linda Witt
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