Letter from Lula Belle Williams to Dr. and Mrs. King



Lula Williams writes Dr. and Mrs. King seeking help to pay her rent before she is evicted.

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Letter from Lula Belle Williams to Dr. and Mrs. King
Tuesday, November 28, 1967
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[Stamped in red ink: DEC[ember] 4 1967] [Inserted Text in upper top right hand: zipcode 35234] [Inserted Text Top right hand margin: 2501-22 Avenue. Birmingham, Ala[bama] November 28, 1967] Mr.[Mister] and Mrs.[Missus], Dear Mr.[Mister] and Mrs. [Missus] King How are you'll[you] and your family? Fine I hope as this leaves me in[and] my children pretty fair. Mr.[Mister] and Mrs.[Missus] King my name is Lula Belle Williams in[and] I have 4 children in[and] 2 [are] in school in[and] 2 is[are] not in school[.] Yet I [have] been sick for 2 1/2 months now in[and] my rent is almost 3 months in the rear[.] I am single in[and] I have tryed[tried] many ways for help but seem like to me no one interesting[interested] in helping me so a thought told me to ask you in[and] Mrs.[Missus] King for help[.] Its already $60.00 dollars[.] I would thank you all very much[.] Anything you could donate me in[and] pray for me in[and] my little children that I soon [Page 2] be able to do better soon[.] Please answer even if you can't help me[.] As many peoples have turned their back on me. With love, Lula Belle Williams P.S. Bro[ther] King Keep up the good works for the [lard?] in our race[.] God bless you.
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