Letter From Mae P. Godfrey



Mae P. Godfrey requests monetary assistance to support her family during the upcoming Christmas holiday.

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Letter From Mae P. Godfrey
Monday, December 4, 1967
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[Page 1] [Stamp in Blue Ink: Received DEC[ember] 7 1967] 10621 Juniper St[reet] L[os] A[ngeles] , California 90002 Dec[ember] 4, 1967 Dear Sir: Please forgive me for worrying you, or shall I say for taking your time. Rev[erend], I am Mae P. Godrey, 21 yrs [years] of age, I have two children, I love with my sister, she has six children. We receive Public Assistance. I know you don't even know me, and this is a lot to ask you. Rev[erend], please help me. I am not working at the present time, because of my unskillness [unskillfulness] and my health. I started taking a course at "opportunities industrialization center." I was participating in Clerk typist. I withdrew from school because, of unproper [improper] clothing, and my health, and my children. My case worker, gave me a $25 order, for clothing; I asked her to see if she could put it in my file, that I receive $25 every month, and she said that it couldn't [Page 2] be done. I felt if she could, this would be a great help to me, because, I had the babies to keep in clothing and shoes too. I know this is my problem. I only receive $12 per mo[nth] and I couldn't make it trying to go to school and take care of home too. I feel like I'll be able to return to school soon with the help of the "Lord." I'll have to keep faith in myself. Rev[erend], please send me $300 for Xmas [Christmas]. I want to make my sister happy, my mother, and my brothers for once in life. I know with our rent and our other bills, that we aren't going to be able to make 8 children, my mother and my three brothers happy. Rev[erend], if you can't or want [won't] help me, please let me know. I told my sister about I was going to write you, and she said, I am a fool for writing you. But I told her, that I have "faith." Believe me, I want [won't] let you down, whenever I start working, please believe me. I wish you a merry Xmas [Christmas] [MS: illegible] [Page 3] and a Happy New Year. "God Bless your Family and Mine." "Be careful how you live! You maybe [may be] the only bible some people ever read." I learned this motto in school. I finished school in Texas, in 1964. Please answer me right away, I feel that it is important. Yours truly, [Closing Signature: Miss Mae P. Godfrey] 10621 Juniper St[reet] L[os] A[ngeles], Calif[ornia], 90002 Ps. Please consider this [Underlined: personal], between us. Thank you:
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