Letter from Margaret Long to MLK



Margaret Long asks Dr. King to reconsider his plans for the demonstration in Washington, D.C. She expresses that though she understands why Dr. King advocates for demonstrations, she does not believe it will be advantageous.

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Letter from Margaret Long to MLK
Wednesday, December 6, 1967
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[Page 1] [Inserted in top margin: 629 Lexington Rd. [Road] Birmingham, Ala [Alabama]. 35216 December 6,1967[ Stamped: Received: DEC[ember]. 8 1967 Dear Reverend King, Though I earnestly believe that all men are created equal and agree that Negroes have too long endured discrimination, I do not believe the demonstrations you advocate will be to their advantage. No matter how peaceful you intend is to be, the possibility of violence is too prevalent. Any turbulence reminiscent of the recent riots, deplored by the majority of both races, may generate a large protest vote which could add support to Gov [Governor] Wallace's Presidential aspirations. I am not a politician, but it seems to me that the election of Governor Maddox was a protest against the violence generated just prior to the elections. I hope you wil reconsider the proposed "live-in' in Washington, D.C. Sincerly, [closing signature: (Mrs. Margaret Long)
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