Letter from Marie Williams and Rev. Harvey Spivey to MLK



Marie Williams and Rev. Harvey write to Dr. King expressing gratitude for the work of SCLC. They further request a donation for their church's building fund.

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Letter from Marie Williams and Rev. Harvey Spivey to MLK
Monday, February 7, 1966
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Page 1 3560 W[est] Ordgen A Chicago, Ill[inois] Feb[ruary] 7, 1966 Rev[erend] Martin L[uther] King Dear Rev[erend] King and Staff I love to [the] work you are doing and hope you have very much success in it and we are going to do all we came [can] to help also. We are small in numbers but we are Godfearing people. We trust in God. And I am sure you have got every kind of letter but none of this kind. We are asking you and your staff and friends to give us a donate [donation] in our Building Fund. We are trying to raise money to build a Church. God said ask and it shall be given [to] you and that is what I live on his words and I Page 2 am sure you do for the work God has you doing. Because it couldn't be done if you didn't have God on your side and you believe. You came [can] send all donate [donations] to 3560 W[est] Ordgen Ave[nue] First Corinthians M.B. Church Our drive will end on Mar[ch] 27, 1966. We are praying for you and your staff. And continue the good up in name of Jesus. Stop in to see us sometime went [when] you are in the city. We will be glad to have you or any of your staff. I am for one also glad to have you in our niegthorhood [neighborhood]. I live [at] 1513 S[outh] Springfield. Thank you. Mrs. [Misses] Marie Williams Sec[retary] + [and] Clerk Rev[erend] [Harvey Spivey?] Pastor
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