Letter from Mary Tumbull to Dr. and Mrs. King



Mrs. Turnbull expresses her gratitude to Dr. and Mrs. King for their hard work in human rights.

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Letter from Mary Tumbull to Dr. and Mrs. King
Wednesday, January 17, 1968
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[Page 1] [Inserted text: King] [Inserted text: 50.00] [Stamp in blue ink: Received January 18,1968] Jan[uary] 17, 1968 Dear Friends Dr. and Mrs. King: You have been a part of our lives for some time. As Presbyterians we drove to the General Assembly in Columbus three years ago and were inspired by your singing Mrs. King. Our daughter was working for the Chicago Urban League and helped organize the rally at Soldiers Field where you spoke, [Page 2] Dr. King now she and her husband are both on the Urban League staff, and a recent letter tells of attending a dinner where you were the speaker. In a discussion group to which I belong we took turns pre-senting biographies of great Twentieth Century leaders. I chose you, Dr. King, and was fascinated by all that I read in preparation. Your leadership is truly Christ-like and I can thinks of no higher compliment. [Page 3] I pray that you may both be given the physical strength which these days demand. May God continue to fill you with His Spirit of love for all men. Should you ever find it possible to be in Akron, it would be a great privilege to have you in our home. Most Sincerely, Mrs. W.T. [Closing Signature: Mary Turnbull]
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