Letter to MLK from Angry Citizen of Detroit



A bothered citizen of Detroit writes Dr. King, who is referred to as the "negro champion," to express personal views on the status of the Negroes in the city.

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Letter to MLK from Angry Citizen of Detroit
Friday, July 14, 1967
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[Notecard 1] [Upper left hand margin: Detroit] [Stamped in red ink: JUL[Y] 17 1967] [Upper right hand margin7. 14. 67] Dear negro champion: To-day-12 noon- the Supt[Superintendent?] of our city's schools via WJR told us that he closed the trade schools last Jan 1 because so many out of town negroes were trying to enlist in our schools. Try and reconcile that fact with your conscience! [Notecard 2] [Text in bracket in upper left corner: 1] [Text on top line: Detriot: Mich[igan] 7-14-67] Dear D .D: When des your bunch of rioters expect to invade our city- like it did in July 1944; when 72 were slain? Incidentally 42 to 44% of our 4 auto companies are negroes in this city where only 38.7% is negro. 80% of our city's,Post Office [Notecard 3] [Text in bracket in upper left corner: 2] are negroes-in Detroit where only 38.7% are negroes. Why do Southern state negroes by the 100's keep coming into Detroit with its current 47,000 (quot[e] in NEWS) unemployed? Same answer-absence of good judgement-Wake up Black race.
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