Letter from MLK to Elder Grant


Dr. King declines an earlier proposal suggested by Mr. Grant, due to a lack of resources and time.

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Letter from MLK to Elder Grant
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Dear Elder Grant, Thank you for your letter f November 11. Your warm and kind remarks are most appreciated. Due to the [Crossed out: MS: Illegible] business of my schedule as President of the [Crossed out: MS: illegible] SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] I am unable at this time to devote attention to your proposal. Even though I feel such accommodations [Crossed out: MS: illegible] would undoubtedly be advantageous [Inserted text: above 'advantgeous for': advantageous] for our cause, I do not presently have the time nor the resources for such an undertaking as stated in your letter. May [Crossed out: MS: illegible] God grant you the strength and grace to achieve the goals of [Crossed out: MS: illegible] dignity and freedom for which you are striving. [Closing Signature: MLK [Martin Luther King]]
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