Letter from MLK to Joel Crittenden


Dr. King responds to Joel Crittenden's concern about white hatred toward Negroes by making two points: 1) some whites have given their lives in the freedom struggle, and 2) hatred and violence must be met with love and nonviolence.

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Letter from MLK to Joel Crittenden
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[Crossed out: 5th sentence after 'we must not': return] [Inserted text: 5th sentence over 'MS: illegible' : to the hate of various white people with more hate.] [Inserted text: 6th sentence inserted over 'Hate only breeds more hate and further deepens the': Returned hate only breeds greater distrust, Further dislike, and] [Inserted text: 7th sentence inserted over 'exists between people. [MS: illegible]': alienate white and black people.] [Inserted text: 8th sentence inserted over 'breakdown': tumble] [Crossed out: 8th sentence after 'divide': us and] [Inserted text: If we want men to love one another we must begin by showing love ourselves.]
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