Letter from MLK to Margo


Dr. King expresses gratitude to Margo for her inquiry about summer work with the SCLC and suggests she contact Hosea Williams about the SCOPE project for the following summer.

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Letter from MLK to Margo
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Dear Margo, Thank you for your letter of April 23. I am sorry for this delay in replying, but the urgency and frequency of my duties as Pres. of the SCLC often prevent me from responding earlier. I hope you will accept my sincerest apology. Even though one summer has passed since your letter, I assume you may be interested in similar work for next summer. If so, may I suggest you write Mr. Hosea Williams, Director of our Dept. of Voter Registration & Pol. Ed. and inquire about our summer project SCOPE (Summer Comm. Org. & Political Educational). Please send your letter to the following address: H.L. Williams 563 Johnson Ave., N.E. Atlanta, Ga. Your interest in and support of our work is most appreciated and heartening. M. L. K.
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