Letter from MLK to Mr. Nagle


Dr. King comments on a Supreme Court ruling that outlaws prayer and Bible reading in public schools. He asserts that the decision is consistant with the Constitution and is meant to keep any single religion from dominating the government.

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Letter from MLK to Mr. Nagle
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Dear Mr. nagle, [Crossed out: Thank you for] Form para. 11 [Crossed out: It w Thank you for your concerned letter I am grateful to you] I am honored by your request that I comment on the Supreme Court's decision on the Prayer and Bible reading in school issue. [Crossed out: It is my understanding that the clearer] Your question reflects a wholesome concern for the moral statue of the children of our nation. It is my understanding that the Supreme Court's decision is [Crossed out: commissurate] consistent with the basic tennants of our Constitution which attempt to keep church and state separate. The Constitution was developed along these lines not out of [Crossed out: irreve] an irreverence for Christianity and Judaism [Inserted: or any other religion] but out of a desire to preserve religious freedom. In order that one religious faith [Crossed out: would] could not [Crossed out: supercede another attempt to] domintae another or dominate a government itself, the framers of the Constitution decided [Crossed out: choose] to have the government or state endorse no [Crossed out: official] single religion or set of religious beliefs. This has [Crossed out: almost insured] resulted in almost perfect religious freedom for all groups within our nation [Crossed out: . I believe] and think the Supreme Court's decision on Prayer and Bible reading is public, state-owned schoold is consistent with this tradition. [Crossed out: Sincerely your, MLK] MLK
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