Letter from MLK to Mr. Neiman


In this document, Dr. King writes a draft letter to Mr. Neiman thanking him for offering his legal services to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He advises Mr. Neiman to forward his employment information to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

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Letter from MLK to Mr. Neiman
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Dear Mr. Neiman, [inserted text: Form para #11] It is indeed heartening to learn of your decision to offer your legal skills to the civil rights movement. It is even further gratifying to know that you have offered your services to the South. Christ Lead Conf. However, SCLC maintains no legal staff of its own, but has all of its legal work done by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. May I recommend that you write to them at the following address, and give them the same information you gave me; Attorney Jack Greenberg, Chief Counsel NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 10 Columbus Circle New York, NY Attorney Greenberg will be able to advise you accordingly. Through the assistance and support of persons such as yourself, we will one day leave the dark and dreary night of racial prejudice and journey into the bright light of freedom and equality. MLK
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