Letter from MLK to Mr. Roebuck


In this handwritten draft letter, Dr. King informs Mr. Roebuck that he has misplaced Mr. Roebuck's check intended for the "Freedom Movement," and thanks him for his support while requesting a replacement check.

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Letter from MLK to Mr. Roebuck
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Dear Mr. Roebuck, Form Paragraph # 11 I have apparently misplaced the check which you spoke of in your letter. I am frankly unaware as to how it happened and am very appreciative that you have brought this matter to my attention. In the flurry of packing and unpacking, switching planes, and rushing to meet deadlines, I could have [Crossed Out: uncon] unkowingly [unknowingly] misplaced the check. Assuming that the [Crossed Out: check] [Inserted Above Text: it] has not been cashed by someone else, it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward to us another check. Please forgive me for the inconvenience which this has caused you. I was deeply honored to have received the Saint Francis Peace Medal and to have been the recipient of the warm and gracious hospitality that was extended to me on the occasion. Your support of the Freedom Movement has been most heartening and uplifting. [Crossed Out: for myself and our staff] [Closing Signature: M[artin] L[uther] K[ing]]
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