Letter from MLK to Mr. Taban


Dr. King expresses his concern for Mr. Taban's welfare in Kenya after fleeing Sudan.

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Letter from MLK to Mr. Taban
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Dear Mr. Taban Form Paragraph #11 I a deeply concerned about the fact you have had to leave Sudan in the face [Crossed Out: all this] atrocities which were being perpetrated upon your people and flee to Kenya in order to continue your education. It is a deporable [deplorable] situation and I anguish over the suffering which the Sudanese are having to undergo. However, neither I nor the Southern Christian Leadership Conference having resources available to assist you [Crossed Out: MS: illegible] since we ourselves are dependant [dependent] upon private contributions. [Crossed Out: to carry on our work] May I recommend hat you write to the Bureau of Education, Dept[ Department] of Health, Education + [and] Welfare and ask them if they could refer you to someone who could possibly assist you. It is my hope that Sudan will eventually be liberated and you will be able to return to your native land. [Closing Signature: M[artin] L[uther] K[ing]
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