Letter from MLK to Mrs. Thompson


This letter, addressed to a Mrs. Thompson, illuminates the issue of negros who have found themselves employed as mailmen despite being privi to some skill set obtained though either a B.A. or B.S. degree.

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Letter from MLK to Mrs. Thompson
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Dear Mrs. Thompson, Thank you for your letter of recent date. [Crossed out text: The situation you describe is] I wish the situation you describe could be classified as a rare instance but it is typical of [crossed out text: people all] negroes [crossed out text: all] across America. As of a few years ago, 42% of the negro mailmen with foot routes in [MS:Illegible] had [crossed out text:Colleges] B.A [Bachelor's in Arts] and B.S[Bachelor in Science] degrees and held these [Crossed out text: jobs only because they couldn't find work elsewhere] [MS:Illegible] only because they couldn't get jobs [MS:illegible] with their skills. Yet, I am always [crossed out text: regret] regretful to learn [crossed out text: Of such as si] a situation such a yours. [Since you are have expressed a great desire to work] Form letter #4, Para.[paragraph]v2 and 3 [Crossed out text: Add could you please send Mr. Blackwell but time so]
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