Letter to MLK from A. P. Swiderskas



Mr. Swiderskas writes to Dr. King expressing his general hatered of the black race.

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Letter to MLK from A. P. Swiderskas
Wednesday, December 6, 1967
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[Stamp in Blue Ink: Received DEC[ember] 8 1967] December 6, 1967 Colorado Springs, Colo[rado] To M[artin] L[uther] King: Do you know that statistics prove that 70% of the poor people in this country are white? Isn't it amazing that they are not burning their homes down and looting and sniping! Not really, when you realize that White people have a civilized heritage. The ideal city of Detroit, with its fair housing, good jobs in VAW [?] + Negro Congressman, for the black man, went up in smoke. What else did they want - Cadillacs, silk suits, and white women? (for everybody) Crime in Detroit, Washington, D. C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Harlem is rampant. Page 2 So, these cities, plus Newark, Cleveland, etc will become black eventually. It is not regimal [regional?] (South) as the Socialists would have you believe. It is national + also international. The White man retreats to enjoy his natural [milieu?] with other Whites. Russia stopped training African students on Moscow because of incidents with their white women. England cut off immigration of all colors because of problems, including not wanting generations of half [MS: illegible] + mulattoes. Australia doesn't permit colored to become citizens, etc. And so it goes. The three civilized countries of Africa are White Rhodesia, White [MS: illegible] of S[outh] African + Egypt. The other states are primitive. Page 3 To me it is clear, blacks are an evolution from a gorilla + some even may be gorillas. Blacks are the cow dung of the world, barring none. A. P. Swiderskas P. S. It must be [galling] to know that everything you learned + have, you owe to the Superior White race.
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