Letter to MLK from Paul Kennedy


Paul Kennedy writes Dr. King to state that since Robert Kennedy announced his bid for the presidency, he believes hat an appreciative, token march on Washington would be more effective than a force march this year.

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Letter to MLK from Paul Kennedy
Saturday, March 16, 1968
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Important 3-16-[19]68 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dear Dr. King: Have just received receipt for my last contribution. Since the entrance of Robert Kennedy into the Presidential race- I firmly believe that an appreciative token march could be effective to Washington-but not a show of force march - this year. Its true there is much to gain-but a sense of lets wait until Viet Nam [Vietnam] "is" settled until further pressure pledge to Kennedy-[MS:illegible] more. Johnson is full-headed over-riding Nationalism over there. Sincerely- [Closing Signature: Paul Kennedy]
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