Letter from MLK Regarding Atlanta University Center


Dr. King writes to a woman concerning what he calls "the best Negro colleges in the South." He discusses the Atlanta University Center, which consists of Spelman College, Morehouse College, Clark University and Morris Brown College.

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Letter from MLK Regarding Atlanta University Center
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Dear Mrs. Bosshard, The arrival of this letter may be too late to be of any assistance. I am regretful that the urgency and frequency of my duties as Pres[ident] of the SCLC[Southern Christian Leadership Conference] often prevent me from replying immediately. In the delay, [Crossed out text: Letters sometimes get mailed] Letters are sometimes misfiled due to the abundance of incoming mail and it was just discovered that your letter had not been answered. Please accept my sincerest apology for [Crossed out text: this] being to delinquent in responding. May I recommend that you consider Atlanta University here in Atlanta, Georgia which includes Morris Brown, Morehouse, [Crossed out text: Clarke] Where I acquired my degree, Clarke [Clark?] and Spelman Colleges. They are among the best negro colleges in the south and [Crossed out text: Assist young men] are able to [Crossed out text: equip young men to her competition on to] give young men fine liberal arts educations along with equipping them [Crossed out text: to] with the skills necessary to complete [Crossed out text:in] [Inserted text above: In] today's labor market. Your concern for and support of our work is most heartening and appreciated. [Handwritten signature: MLK [Martin Luther King]]
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