Letter to MLK from Rev. L.C. Coleman


Rev. Coleman, of Marks, Mississippi addresses Dr. King, as the recipient of this correspondence. This letter asks for Dr. King to visit the town of Marks and participate in a Citizenship Class. It, also, notes that Rev. Coleman is running for a town elected position, known as "Road Supervisor."

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Letter to MLK from Rev. L.C. Coleman
Thursday, June 15, 1967
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June 15, 1967 617 Cook St, Marks, Miss[issippi] Dear, Dr. King I am writing [to] you and concerning you about my problems, I am asking you can you come down here and [Underlined: come down here and] be with me I [am] Rev S. C. Coleman in my citizenship class [Underlined: citizenship class] if you can please let me know write [to] me or call this number 326 [Crossed Out: 326] 326-9441 at Marks, Miss[issippi] at the [MS: illegible] Franklin home and that [is] where you can reach me at. Dr. King I need your help and also the people of Marks, QC [Crossed Out: QC, Quitman County] County. Please come down and be with me in my citizenship class and help them please. Rev S. C. Coleman Running for Road Supervisors. Sgin [Signed?] Rev S. C. Coleman Fighting for freedoming [freedom?]
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