Letter from MLK to Takarekpenztar


Dr. King offers his gratitude to the workers of the Country Savings Bank XIII in Budapest for naming their socialist labor brigade after Dr. King. Unable to understand any of the names from the initial letter, Dr. King addresses this letter to "Takarekpenztar" or "savings bank" in Hungarian.

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Letter from MLK to Takarekpenztar
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[Inserted Text In Margin: Form Letter # 8] [Crossed Out: Dear Mr. Levinson,] Dear Takarekpenztar, Thank you for your letter of Nov[ember] 5. [Crossed Out: I am [MS: illegible] deeply honored at having] [Crossed Out: I am] It is a great honor to have learned that your Country Savings Bank XIII has named its socialist labor-brigade [Crossed Out: in h] in behalf of [Crossed Out: me] [Inserted Above Text: me]. I am always [Crossed Out: grateful] to have my name connected with an organization such as yours which is concerned with securing a higher standard of living for the underprivileged people of the world. Furthermore, admirable tributes such as this to the American Negro's struggle for racial justice and equality are of great moral support to myself + [and] our staff. [Closing Signature: M[artin] L[uther] K[ing]
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