Letter from the Morrissetts to MLK and Mrs. King



Elizabeth Morrissett wishes the King family a Merry Christmas. Mrs. Morrisset also invites Dr. King to come speak at a Purdue University Convocation.

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Letter from the Morrissetts to MLK and Mrs. King
Sunday, November 30, 1958
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Nov.[ember] 30, 1988 Dear Coretta &[and] Martin, We read your book and have watched your year with much emotion. Your life seems so symbolic of the crisis in our society and it must sometimes seem a heavy job to be a leader with no foreseeable end to the burdens. We hope to see Martin invited as a convocation speaker here - Purdue has been changing and the next few years would any of them work well. The children were just wonderful in the last years Christmas letter from you - they are so sweet to see. We do hope we may know them soon. Ours are noisy, helpful and always around still. Our warmest hopes for a fruitful and happy 1959 from all of us P.S. Jim Horton remarried this year- a girl who has run the local [MS: Illegible] forums our most liberal (and often the only) lecture series, Fifi Mallions. He is still here in the Statistics Department. My last visit to Antioch was well before Paul.
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