Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harris to MLK



Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harris write Dr. King expressing their appreciation for his role as a Civil Rights leader. They were moved to write to him after hearing him speak at the Masonic Temple in Memphis, Tennessee and request to meet with him the next time he visits.

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Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harris to MLK
Monday, March 25, 1968
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Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Harris March 25, 1968 Memphis, Tennessee Dear Sir: First of all you have our highest respect as a man of God, and our gratitude for your integrity, courage and fine initiative as a Civil Rights Leader. I myself am a Civic worker and my wife a qualified clerical worker, although the white power structure haven?t given her an opportunity to execute it yet, enough of our problems. Sir we wanted to write you and tell you that was a wonderful speech that you
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