Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Maurice DeCuir to MLK


In this letter, Maurice De Cuir expresses his concern, in regard to race relations, as it pertains to government jobs in helping the economic status of the negro. He then informs Dr. King of the intent, of the Equal Opportunity Commission, to investigate the matter.

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Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Maurice DeCuir to MLK
Wednesday, January 31, 1968
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504 W. 143 St. New York NY 10031 Jan 31, 1968 Southern Christian Leadership Foundation 334 Auburn Avenue N.E. Atlanta, Ga. 30303 Dear Dr. King: This $500 is enclosed to help you in your worthy efforts being expended on trying to attain equality for us Negroes. Progress is slow but we must not be discouraged. Please look into discrimination, promotions, incentive rewards and all the requirements in Government jobs to help raise the economic status of the Negro. There are people in the Government in high positions who are so deep-rooted in Prejudice that they make no effort to help the Negro in spite of the fact many policies and regulations are re-quiring equality in opportunity, etc. They find some excuse or reason to avoid helping minority groups. The morale is very low among Negroes in Government jobs (particularly Federal). Mr. Clifford Alexander, Chairman of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reaching into the matter now. Hope the future will show some improvement. Sincerely yours, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice De Cuir
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