Letter from Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Givan to MLK


Mr. and Mrs. Givan urge Dr. King to become a televised preacher, citing a lack thereof and the need for someone to combine the "social gospel" with the Christian fundamentals.

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Letter from Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Givan to MLK
Monday, November 27, 1967
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December 4, 1967 [Stamp in red ink] Nov[ember] 27, 1967 Dear Sir: I have noticed as of late, what a wide array of Negro entertainers and musicians there are on television-which is good and reassuring-but it also serves to point up the lack of any Negro preaching the Gospel on this medium! Why don't you pray and ask the Lord if he would not want you to fill this need? I suggest this for the following reasons: (1) Anyone who can write a book like your "Strength to Love" should be preaching on a nationwide basis not to just one congregation. And people just do not read as they used to; most of your own people do not seem to have read this book. (2) The Civil Rights Movement has reached a place where there are many ?heads and hands? ready to carry on; and it no longer needs you as it did when you were providing the chief impetus. (3) We have TV preachers who are preaching the fundamentals of the Gospel-and those who are preaching the social gospel-but where is the man who will combine the two and lead Americans out of their spiritual confusion? [Closing Signature:Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Givan]
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