Letter from Mrs. Daily to MLK


Mrs. Daily seeks to be compensated for the dollar bill she lost in the Lucky Buck Contest and requests Dr. King's assistance in this effort.

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Letter from Mrs. Daily to MLK
Monday, October 30, 1967
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Oct[ober] 30, [19]67 Dr. Martin L[uther] King: Dear Sir: I am just a newspaper reader who realizes you are working ?anti-poverty.? I am over 52 y[ea]rs old, white and in not good health. I only want to use a few minutes of your time, if I may. Last February - 67, I sent in a dollar bill to a ?lucky bucks? contest. I did not win a prize, nor did they, a big company, return my dollar bill. I have registered mail receipt and can prove that I sent a dollar. Up to now they (the company) have not returned my dollar and they ignore me. I hope you could form an opinion about this, and if you believed I sent them a dollar, would you write them a few words asking them to return my dollar. Forgive me for taking up time with trivial matter ? but I am in the poor class. Respectfully, Mrs. [Juanita K.] Daily
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